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2011-11-19 12:19:10 by MrAlbino07

My first single titled -Frostbite- will be released very very soon.

Check it out and see if ya like it :D

Frostbite by Dusanix

It will be on all major download sites including itunes, cdbaby, and amazon!!! :D

moved to soundcloud

2011-11-06 11:02:53 by MrAlbino07

check me out!

I got a ton of new stuff up on there for everyone to enjoy :D

new name

2011-10-27 19:54:02 by MrAlbino07

my trance name from now on will be Dusanix.

i came up with it from the Slovak word Dusan, meaning soul/spirit.

and yeh for those of you who are wondering, i am slovak haha.

new sounds

2011-10-03 10:19:17 by MrAlbino07

Been postin a lot of new stuff and new sounds lately and i plan to continue this trend for the fall and winter.

Feedback would be awesome, i need as many opinions as i can get. Suggestions are always welcome.

New name, not gonna work out

2011-03-23 15:37:19 by MrAlbino07

Since Newgrounds is taking 2 weeks to review my crap i decided to just stay here on this account. I will be posting stuff immediately so look out for some old stuff and of course some brand new stuff for 2011.

I would like to announce my name change though on this account. It will be Re-Peat as stated in the previous post.

You guys have all been freekin amazing in helping me with my music by giving me reviews on them. Keep it up :)


2011-03-13 12:20:10 by MrAlbino07

I am officially relocating to a different user name. I will still continue my experiments with my music and i will post up old and new stuff on the different account.

The new user name is Re-Peat


2011-02-21 18:53:29 by MrAlbino07

Lots of experimenting is going on with my music, especially my most recent song Battle for Trance. I want to thank everyone for commenting on it and letting me know what could be done to make it better.

Anyway, im going to be fixing a lot of my songs and re posting them to see if you guys think they got any better. If not, ill just keep trying by using your advice and critism.

Thanks to all of you that commented on my songs that need some work :)

It really helped me out!!

Upcoming stuff

2011-01-22 11:15:44 by MrAlbino07

really REALLY exited about stuff that im releasing atm. Just came out with a Part 2 to my favorite song that i have made (Quest). I should have newer versions of other songs such as Battle and i might be also going back to some of my oldest demos such as Bio Hazard. So yeh, hopefully you can all expect a lot more new stuff to come in 2011.

well i got rid of all my demos cause theres no point in having them anymore since i got the full versions up now lol.

need all the feedback i can get guys. any advice or even critisism would help lol.